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    What is the best way to learn French?


    Let me answer a question from the heading: it depends on few elements. But, first, let´s see why someone should learn French at all. Or, why should someone learn any foreign language. After all, first you need to decide should you learn it at all, and then try to find the best way to learn French.

    Why learning any foreign language?

    If you already decided to learn some foreign language, no need to read this. Those who are still considering, here are some information you could find interesting.

    •    Learning foreign language will help your brain grow (as scientists claim).

    •    Juggling between two languages will double the activity of your brain.

    •    You will be better in multitasking, since it is also a sort of multi-tasking.

    •    It will protect you from diseases such as dementia, at least for some time.

    •    It will boost your creativity.

    •    You will learn your language better.

    •    You can explore other cultures much easier.

    •    It can help you in school, at work, while traveling, and in many other occasions.

    Why learning French?

    Once you decided to learn a foreign language, the next step is to choose which one. There are many benefits in learning French, and here are some.

    •    More than 200 million people speak French, which makes it ninth speaking native language.

    •    French is official language in 29 countries and 12 regions.

    •    English and French are only languages that are learned in every country on the world.

    •    It is second language in many institutions, like United Nations or NATO.

    •    It is the third business language, placed after English and Chinese.

    •   French is easy to learn, and can be base for learning other languages, such as Italian, Spanish, or even English.

    •    Many professions, like fashion or cooking, use French as their semi-official language.

    How to learn French?

    If you are still looking for the best way to learn French, good luck. French is not hard to learn, but there are so many schools and classes, and it is hard to choose. You should choose the best way according to your preferences, and here were some of the most popular ways.

    There are plenty schools and courses where you can learn French all over the world. If you like to work in a group, and you need someone to supervise you, this is an excellent choice. If you prefer working alone, you can find many books to learn. Third way is also very popular recently, and it is learning online. Besides courses, you can find native speakers to work with you and help you learning.

    Few small advices for the end

    Do not let your brain deteriorate. It will happen if you are not using it, so better find some activity for him. Learning foreign language could be an excellent solution. It will help your brain, but also give you benefits in other aspects of life.

    There is an old saying: “As many languages you know, as many times you are a human being.” You can see some version of it in many languages. It shows people knew a long time ago it is worth learning foreign languages. So, find the best way to learn French, follow their example and benefit from it!